Writer for Transition Cornwall+ articles for The Cornwall Seeker and the Seaway News

Opportunity Details


We are looking for guest writers for a monthly article in the Cornwall Seeker and the Seaway News.

Writers can just submit one article or several as you are able. Articles to be approx 300 to 500 words in length and cover subjects that relate to the goals of Transition Cornwall+. Subjects include but are not limited to: climate change, sustainability, resilience, growing food, green initiatives, conservation, tree planting, community building, energy conservation.


Clear and effective writing skills, a basic knowledge of the goals of Transition Cornwall+ ( see website transitioncornwall.com) and a desire to effect community change that leads to addressing the issues of climate change, resourse depletion and economic resilience at the local level.


Positive outook and willingness to work collaboratively with Transition Cornwall+ team member.

Contact person: John Towndrow, Chair Transition Cornwall+ Steering Group

Tagged as: climate change, community building, conservation, energy conservation, green initiatives, resilience, sustainability

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